Follow Up: Health Update | Ten Thousand

Follow Up: Health Update | Ten Thousand

Dear Residents,

In response to several inquiries, and as follow up to the previous email sent regarding the individual confirmed with COVID-19, we would like to clarify that the individual entered the building and left shortly after arrival. We diligently reviewed all property cameras to ensure we were aware of all areas the individual entered or surfaces touched by the individual and sanitized accordingly. Our apologies for not including this additional information in our original correspondence.

As stated previously, we have increased the frequency of sanitization of ALL areas, with extreme focus on surfaces that may be more susceptible to harboring the virus, including but not limited to handrails and door knobs. And our elevator keypads have been modified to allow no touch access both to and from the lobby.

Lastly, as you know, the safety of our residents and staff is of the utmost importance. That said, we are also obligated to respect the privacy of our residents as well as the privacy of staff members. Accordingly, to comply with federal, state and local privacy laws, we cannot disclose any specific resident’s medical condition nor can we disclose an employee’s medical condition or disclose any other information allowing anyone to identify any individual who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Please contact us should you have any further questions and thank you, as always, for your patience and understanding.

Yours Sincerely,